A mom’s love is a weakness

We are in a race, you and I. Competing for the finish line. Will either of us survive.

You are the hare running at break-neck speed into unknown territory – the land of addiction, desperation and crime.

I am the turtle. My path is to learn how to set my boundaries before all of me is taken by you. It’s a sharp learning curve. I’m plodding along. I’m sobbing a lot. I’m learning new life-skills, trying to get it right. I’m tripping a lot, getting it wrong. With all the love in my heart I’m trying to learn to say no to you.

Will you beat me to the finish line? You are young and strong. I am not. When I falter will you carry me through the last lap because you still need me? Will my last resources give you a final boost to the finish?  What state of despair will I be in when you’ve brought me to the end of your line?

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