A mom’s failing

I have to learn to let go. All us moms and dads do. Our kids grow up.

We have done our jobs the best we could. Guided them in ethics and morals, empathy and good manners. How to own their mistakes, atone and apologise. We saw them stumble. We let them fall.

My shortcoming? I didn’t harden my son for the path he has chosen.

I didn’t teach him how to be street-smart. How to fend for himself when surrounded by evil. I didn’t toughen him up for the road ahead.


4 thoughts on “A mom’s failing

  1. Wait! Don’t let him go! He needs you more than ever now. Think of this like cancer. This has nothing to do with street smarts; it has to do with a broken spirit. Yes, he should not make you his supplier, but he might need to hear a lot of hard truth followed by love. He might need to see that you aren’t perfect either. He needs to know at least 1 person accepts him for who he is, what he is, and what he is experiencing. I tried to make my son tough his way back thinking it would help him learn self-control. So, he tried to make his own way and find a cure in his own head. He died. You need to think of this as WAR! Go, fight, and win!

    1. Hi again. I will never abandon my son. But for now I need to revitalize. I am so worn out that I am about to break. I’m financially, physically and emotionally at the end of my rope.

      1. You could join The Addict’s Mom on FB. People just like us with the same feelings. The group is really supportive. Hugs and blessings to you and your son.

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