Please rewire his brain, maybe

He can’t get there from here. Would he even find his way if there was a ‘there’ to go to. A miraculous cure. A brain-electrician that expertly finds what is out of sync with my son, then rejigs his brain.

Is there a missing link. Is there a happiness gene missing. A hopefulness gene. A self esteem neuro-pathway. Maybe a love myself synapse. Is he lacking dopamine. If only there was a way to rewire his brain. Move his thoughts to a different direction.

And what is really so wrong with using a substance that makes him feel OK. Helps him feel normal. Takes all his pain away. Real pain. Wouldn’t we all want that for ourselves.

Who are we to judge. How do we know what someone is going through.

Isn’t it better than his other choice. To not carry on. To jump off the bridge. Or to overdose, as he has tried, so that he can leave this world in a blissful state.

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