I am powerless

Here’s what’s wrong with opiate addiction:

1. The high gives a feeling of omnipotence.

You feel that you can do anything. This can cause unrealistic expectations of yourself and others around you. For example borrowing money from your mom or a friend with the thought that you can easily manage to pay it back when the reality is that you don’t have the resources. And as long as you are an addict it’s less and less likely that you ever will. If you have borrowed from someone unscrupulous, imagine the fee.

2. The substance is needed at any cost.

As the illness progresses you need more frequent highs. The body must have it. If there isn’t easy availability then the addict will find any means to attain it. Morals are cast aside. Nothing matters. No one matters.

3. Eventually you don’t get high, but you still need the substance.

How fair is that? All the sacrifices you have made to get this stuff now it doesn’t give you what you needed in the first place.

This is an illness. It is not a choice. If it can’t be treated then it needs to be managed. Users are vulnerable. It’s likely they were vulnerable kids before they started using.

Mom trying to hold onto her adult child
Moms need help

Our kids with addiction are living on the periphery of our towns and cities and neighbourhoods. They are either on the street or about to be. Putting users in the dark corners of society doesn’t make the problem go away. It only makes it worse.

They need help that goes beyond talking to a counselor sitting in an office working 9-5.  The crises tend to happen in our homes. And moms like me don’t know what to do.

When they are knocking on our door we don’t know if it’s a monster in withdrawal needing money or your baby crying that they want it all to stop. These kids need some place to go. Moms can’t help them. We too are vulnerable – and powerless!

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