Wow. $2000 worth of H, omg, he’s trying to kill himself

The reality is really hitting home for me.

Somehow it was marginally understandable that he steals from his mom. I’m not saying that it’s ok. I am only trying to rationalize. When he steals from me I think he sees a few justifications. One, his mom has always provided for him so he takes that for granted. Two, she always seems to have money. Three, she always forgives even if at times it can take a long while. And four, the heroin is worth it, even though he may be jeopardizing the relationship. It’s a gamble worth taking.

But the fact that he has stolen from his own brother, the most important person in his life and future, can only say one thing. That it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.

He doesn’t see a future so he is going to end his life.

And I just can’t bare this. Our family of four has already lost their dad. Now this. How can this be happening. How can I stop him.

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