Get his stuff out, now!

Today I have to deal with all the stuff that he’s abandoned in his room at the rental house. We clearly don’t want to upset the house manager again.

I don’t have access to a truck and can’t afford to rent one so we’ll have to do it in several trips in my little Echo. Load the trunk and backseat and put the bed onto the roof with bungies. Good thing it’s not raining today.

Family and friends have often helped me. However, I feel less inclined to ask each time an episode occurs. It’s like the guest that overstays their welcome. I don’t feel good about always asking for help because I don’t want to jeopardize my friendships.

I am always in the “barely coping” mode. Either anticipating, coping or recovering from his episodes. Right now, I don’t want to even think about “toxic-time” which comes with every family holiday. I just have to focus on getting the stuff out.

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