None of us like your son

Try to salvage his stuff? Or just let it get chucked out onto the street? Who bought him all the stuff in the first place… me! But is it worth it? Are the locks already changed? Is his stuff held as collateral for lack of paying rent? Is there going to be a big confrontation? Give the money he owes or get lost!

My son is in hospital now and he hasn’t paid December rent.

My younger son wants the sitar, electric guitar, and amp back… if he can find the stubs for the pawn shop.

First step, get the key to his place. He’s in the psyche ward at VGH completely zoned out on hospital meds. We manage to get the key. Off we head. Planning what to get. Agreeing on what we are going to say. Hoping the key still works. Hoping no one is home.

We get in. Lucky. It’s quiet. Is no one home? We grab the electric guitar and the funky stool. We grab the pawn shop receipts. Get to the car. Whew.

Then we get over-confident and go back for more. Stuff his clothes in the hamper. Grab his down quilt. Start heading out but just then the house manager arrives.

Hey. You shouldn’t be in here. He hasn’t paid his rent.

We were just getting some clothes for him. His toothbrush. He’s in the hospital.

Well I really don’t care where he is, he still owes me another $200. And then I just want him out of here. He’s a sneak and a liar.

OK. We will clear his stuff out so you can rent the room out.

Hey, where’s that guitar that was here. The red one. I just saw it last night. Are you sure he’s in the hospital? He probably snuck it out of here this morning.

No, he’s in the hospital. He’s in detox.

Oh yeah, that’s the other thing… he leaves his syringes everywhere then says they’re not his. He has to be the biggest liar I have ever known. He’s been taking peoples’ things here. We all dislike him. He’s a sneaky, bald-faced liar. And if he doesn’t pay up I’m gettin some friends to beat him up. I’m an MMA master and I know how to sever bones. I do it to help out friends that are owed money. I grew up in this city and I know everyone. When me or one of my friends see him, we’ll be there. We’ll vouch for each other so don’t bother calling the cops. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not threatening you. I get what you’re going through. I put my mom through a lot. But I don’t put up with shit like him anymore. I’m much calmer nowadays. Tell you what, if you cover for him we won’t beat him up. I’ll make it $150 instead of $200. It’s not much money but that shithead doesn’t get to burn me. If you’re too tight you can give me $75 now and $75 next month. I still want to beat him up just to teach him a lesson. Maybe you don’t tell him you paid so at least he’s gonna be hiding in fear for a bit…. he deserves every bit… he’s such a liar…bla bla bla…

OK. We’ll be back tomorrow with a truck and the rent money.

I don’t ever wanna see his face around here… just get his shit outta here… I’m gonna try and forget this mess… I can break bones… I don’t care how… he’s been bad news… no one here likes him… don’t get me wrong… I wouldn’t go after you… he’s gotta go…bla bla bla…

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