He’s still high on an opioid

But he seems better. He’s not lying and manipulating us. His eyes are ‘pinned’ but not as dramatic as before. He says his mood is better. No self-loathing. He no longer has stomach pain. And he now sleeps through the night. Even that is a benefit… there were times when he could go days without sleeping!

I’d say the suboxone is a pretty good temporary fix.

Now he needs a place to live before he gets out of the hospital. Shelters are full this time of year when it’s so damn wet and cold. He’s begging to stay with me again. Says he’s all better. No more mania. No more sociopathic behaviour.

Now what? Who will have him after his last rampage? Who knows what he did and to whom for that next fix? How will it all come back to haunt him. I’m already getting calls from Visa and MoneyMart and who knows who those “private numbers” are from…


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