Released from hospital. New gal to the rescue

He’s concocted a story and asked me to go along with it. Now I am complicit in his lie.

One of his roomies at the hospital said he could share her place for only $350 per month in Kits. Right away I should have said there’s no place that cheap in Kits. But he insisted that it’s legit. She and he had hit it off right away as friends, both with bipolar, etc etc.

But the doctor won’t release him to a stranger and I had already phoned ahead to the social worker to explain that he cannot come to live with me.

Therefore he tossed together a story about being released to his Grandmother in Campbell River. Scenario is that he’s released to me today then Monday morning I drive him up island. Connect him with a doctor there. His reality is that he moves in with new gal.

But now nice gal doesn’t answer her phone.

So he’s calling me again. Please can I stay with you guys. I won’t be around much because I will get temp labour work everyday, leave early morning come home late. I’ll do the dishes. I’ll help around lots and lots. Please don’t shut me out again. Please.

Now what? Out on the street again? Why don’t these care programs have places for them to transition to? Is it a patch-them-up-then-kick-them-out care plan. I’ll find out soon.

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