Chasing your own tail

I pick him up from hospital – big mistake!

The idea of living with new gal didn’t gel.

Firstly, he didn’t get released till late afternoon the next day from prearranged time. He calls her a few times but no answer and no message option. We drive around and keep calling. Meanwhile I try to discuss the logistics with him such as will he need his folding bed? and will he take all his stuff in boxes stacked in my living room?

No, not yet. I don’t want to inundate her place with my junk.

OK. Let’s fill your new prescription in this neighbourhood so it’s an easy walk every morning to the pharmacist. It’s late, let’s go before they close.

K, let’s.

Meanwhile we keep calling her number. He finally gets through… background party noise jarbles her voice, “Wow, what happened, I haven’t heard boo from you since yesterday. Can I call you right back?” Click.

We wait and wait. Still no return call from new gal.

It’s now 11:30. We drive to her home to put a note on her door with my phone number. Neighbour says no one lives here by that name… you must have the wrong address!

Now I am wondering if the ruse has been created by her or by my son. This kind of mess-up is so fantastical and out of my realm of thinking. I am too straight-laced to concoct stories and I find it hard to believe my son does this sort of thing.

Now what…? Take him back to hospital…? Kick him out of my car…? He’s my son so I take him to my place. Arrgggh!

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