A marked man

HE’S BEEN PEGGED. Is it small-town mentality. Is there any reasoning behind what happened. Could it be explained by a surplus of department staff that comprise the team that ensures safety. When there is any new happening, whether it’s inconsequential or not, the force mobilizes.

Although there may be absolutely nothing going on, it may be that they perceive something is. Or is it just to break the boredom. Perhaps it’s this neighbourhood? Just down the block is a fairly large shelter. Does that put them in high-alert?

Two cars drive up. Two uniforms from each climb out. The four have semi-circled him as he steps out of the 7eleven. They pepper him with questions. Then impound his car, take his drivers license for 24-hr suspension and leave him stranded.

Round peg in a square hole in a square town?

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