Why me?

I don’t understand. I should be an addict by now, right?

For 10 months now I have been using tramadol almost daily. I was given the prescription from my doc because all my other pain meds would eventually become ineffective.

I started with aspirin. Then changed to tylenol, then extra-strength tylenol. Then I tried aspirin with tylenol. Next drug was naproxen, then an increased dose of naproxen. Oxycodone was a lend from a friend. No to codeine, I’d get convulsions.  Marijuana became my go-to for immediate relief followed by tramadol which kicked in about an hour later. Tramadol seemed to work up until the last month before my surgery when it only dulled the pain.

I was on hydromorphine immediately following surgery.  Then for two weeks following. Now I am only on Tylenol.

For me, I had no withdrawals and no cravings for opioids. Yes it’s good. Yes I’m lucky. But I am still trying to understand why my son is hooked on heroin after only his first try. What is the difference between him and me?

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