Uncle talks turkey

“Just take a minute and listen to me” says his uncle.

“You can do whatever you want with your life. It’s your life.

“But. You have to stop involving your mom. It is effecting her in such a bad way.

“What you have been doing to your mom is no short of harassment. I’ve known your mom all her life. She’s always been assertive, on top of her world, fun to be with, spontaneous.

“And what I see lately is not her. She’s sad. She’s always confused. She’s uncertain. And drained. She looks like a shell of her former self. You have got to move on. Move on with your life. Stop ‘borrowing’ her money; which I know she has little of and you never repay. Stop asking for her car; it’s the only asset she has left.

“I am now starting to get it when they say addiction takes everything out of you: physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. And she’s not even a user. You are slowly killing her.”

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