One last high before rehab – killer fentanyl

It’s the latest killer of heroin users – Fentanyl. ACT have told us the heroin on the island is now comprised 100% with fentanyl. I soon recognize when my son has used fentanyl because he’s super-irritable. He’s impulsively scratching his nose, face, arms and back. He’s constantly swiping at his hair. Has a splotchy red-face. And hyper!

The big poster on the bulletin board at ACT spells out the severity of injecting fentanyl – it’s a photo of a body in a morgue.

I live the nightmare. When he hasn’t enough money to refill his prepaid phone, I don’t hear from him. Sometimes for days. My mind goes to the worst place ever – that he’s overdosed or fentanyl has killed him.

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