“Hey faggot”

“Hey, faggot.”

Troll’s walking through an area that could almost be described as a miniature Downtown Eastside. Nearby is the soup kitchen, food bank, temporary shelter and welfare office. He’s heading toward the bus stop when a guy walking behind him yells again, “Hey, faggot”.

He keeps walking assuming the guy was yelling at someone else when the guy yells it again, “Hey, faggot, don’t run, I’ve got a knife.”

Troll turns around to see this guy hunched forward, his shoulders pressed up to his ears, arm thrust forward pointing a knife, stomping toward him. He’s blown himself up like a puff-fish, his snarling face is contorted. He crosses the street following Troll and says, “Don’t look at me, I’ve got a gun, I’ll shoot ya.”

Troll be-lines over to a pick-up truck where some teens are gathered watching the spectacle. He asks if he “can just hang here until he goes? I have no idea who this guy is but he’s freakin scary. Why’s he think I’m gay? is it my skinny jeans?”

Some other kids are shouting at the knife-wielding guy, saying “stop being stupid.”

Meanwhile the pick-up-truck-driving mom shows up as well as a security guard doing his rounds. The knife-guy has already turned around to follow Troll. But Troll’s already dialled 911 and within minutes 3 cop cars have pulled up, apprehended knife-guy and driven him away.

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