I’ll pitch my tent in E.R. if I have to

I have been trying to get help for Troll’s addiction for at least 2 years now.

Why can’t he get help that really helps? And why is it that his granddad can stay in the hospital for months, waiting for placement in a carehome, and receive state-of-the-art, head-to-toe care while waiting?  But not my son?

This has gone on too long. It’s already gone beyond being ludicrous. It’s desperation. It’s time to take a stand. Make a statement. With so many services used it must have cost society far more than a treatment bed ever would.

Services we’ve used:

GPs, ERs, psychiatrists, nurses, mental health teams, addictions teams, police here and police back there, soup kitchens, food banks, shelters, detox homes, 12-step religious treatment homes and counsellors-galore!

That’s the measurable list. There’s also the toll it’s taken on family and friends, and especially me.

One thought on “I’ll pitch my tent in E.R. if I have to

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