Let’s end this stupid war on drugs

The other night a CBC News story suggested “the war on drugs” never worked – well, duh!

First, let’s stop the witch hunt. Let’s stop marginalizing our addicts. Show that they are real people instead of hooded, shamed, emaciated, malnourished desperadoes.

Second. Then let’s end this stupid waste of police resources.

Third. Install memorial monuments for all our ‘War On Drugs’ veterans. List all the lives lost to overdoses (accidental overdoses and overdoses chosen as a last resort), diseases transmitted via dirty needles, or the humiliations of homelessness. Acknowledge the real loses from the war.

Provide the help they deserve. A livable income. Prescribe their ‘insulin’ of choice and a treatment program when they are ready to kick the habit. Provide clean products in clean dispensaries. Offer solid opportunities and rewarding lives. Offer empathy and acceptance.



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