Narcissist or sociopath

He has absolutely no regard for me. He would jeopardize any or all of my relationships to get his way. He will handily take my money. He has to get whatever he wants, whether it is an important thing or not.

He just has to have his way. The upper hand. He will push push push for his wants, including the ludicrous, no matter how irrational it may be. It doesn’t seem that the means is to an end. It’s all in the method. He has to have power. He can’t live with losing.

2 thoughts on “Narcissist or sociopath

  1. Dear Mom,
    What you wrote is a definition of an addict/alcoholic. Selfishness and self-centeredness. That is the root of the problem. Forget all the psychobabble guilt ridden BS. Your son is sick yes, but first he was selfish and self-centered. He must hit bottom before he can rise. Those Alanon types have the right idea. Practice their own spiritual path, and be loving enough to allow their addict/alcoholic to feel the pain and desperation. To be willing to go to any lengths. Not a popular phrase in a world of therapist saying, help him! All that effort is wasted until he has hit bottom. You can’t control him. Only God, spirit of the Universe, whatever the name of Higher power, is in charge of him. There are two sites that I found great strength from, The Privileged Addict and Real Meditation for Real Alcoholics (and everyone else too). I have 24 years of sobriety, and heaven on earth these last six months, due to practicing the meditation. My prayers are with you.

    1. Hi Dr Long,
      I have spoken with my son regarding your centre. He is definitely interested. We are going to pursue financing the trip and the treatment. Thank you for your email and info.

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