Evicted. Now where will he go?

Last Feb he rented a room in a shared house. Near the end of the month he was asked to leave. Who knows the real reason but he claims it was because of the peanut butter fight. The house-mom’s son is allergic so there’s a ban on having PB. Although he’d left the jar in his own cupboard, it was enough grounds for her to say get out.

Now Troll’s with me and I’m driving him around to look at new rentals. Places are too expensive for his PWD fixed income. The shelter is full. Now he’s pleading to stay with me.

“No, you can’t live with me – not even temporarily. Go find a new rental. Here’s money for the deposit. Now go away and get your own place.” (I am always trying to veer him off in another direction so he doesn’t jeopardize my family, which always seems to cost me money. Aaaargghhh.)

He couldn’t find an affordable rental. So he sleeps in my car in the driveway. Hoping the shelter will have room tomorrow night.


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