Why does he sleep so much?

It’s apparent that he is tired to the bone. He has no body weight to fortify himself. He has no idea what’s on for tomorrow or even the next hour. He doesn’t know if he can stay strong enough to fend off the next urge for a fix.

He says he only wants to find a safe, dry, dark place to hide under the covers.

One thought on “Why does he sleep so much?

  1. It breaks my heart to read about the pain of an addict and the family, both suffering. I have done a lot of research on Ibogaine, an herb from Africa that removes the craving for opiates. In one capsule the herb removes the craving as if the addict had never taken the drug before. It also takes away about 80% of the withdrawal. It is not without complexity, as it needs to be administered by a proper doctor and aftercare is a must to remove the inner demons that will only resurface later if not removed sooner. But this does work. There are many many sources of info, which must be researched thoroughly to detect scams. Google search Iboga scams. However there is a very real answer. Be open-minded enough to do the research online. Documentaries from mainstream media, like ABC and others. If you need help locating info, I have about 50 videos and a hundred articles I can send by dropbox. My prayers go with you both.

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