My son seldom knows when to stop pouring his affection on our cat. He’ll pick him up and hold him to the point where the cat is aggressively growling and hissing. Later that night the cat makes his unhappiness known by pooping a very large, sticky, stinky, turd on the floor beside his bed.

We can all smell it but can’t place what the stink is – is it the new cat food bought today? Someone’s dirty socks? wet shoes, BO, bad breath, farts?

The next morning my son steps in it on his way to the bathroom. He calls me to help clean it up while he dashes off to the shower to bathe his poopy foot. The clean-up is so rank that I’m gagging. (Note to self: set-up kitty litter box.)

He’s so accident prone. Yesterday he broke the kitchen tap nozzle. Today he broke the ceiling light. Later today he puked all over the bathroom floor. The 4 new wheel covers for my car were all scraped badly within a week. The fourth is so bashed up and the sidewall tire is gouged, so it now needs replacement. The trunk latch cord broken. The ignition key snapped in half inside the ignition…

And now he’s getting into trouble with the law.

Why do these ‘sorts of things’ constantly happen to him? Things break. Things go missing. Why is he so jinxed?

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