The black sheep

Why is it that every family occasion is wrought with difficulties? There is an undercurrent of judgement and disapproval at every event. The latest is for his grandfather’s 93 birthday. We are all to meet at the hospital cafeteria for cake and coffee.

Will they ask how he got here? (We’ve told you not to lend him your  car)

Will they ask where he’s living? (Wasn’t he recently evicted)

Why he was evicted? (for smoking pot, for syringes found, for stealing)

Will they ask how he’s doing? (with rehab, with fentanyl, with his mood swings)

Is he still going to college? (how does he get there, how does he concentrate, did he get RESP money from the grandparents)

Then when he’s a no-show, they all turn to me for answers to that as well.

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