The paradox of ‘support services’

“Make him go alone. When social workers see him they see not a desperate situation because he has you with him. They will prioritize the client that has nobody.”

“Paint a picture that is dark. Describe him as dangerous to his family. Only then you will get care for him.”

“Tell the worker you can no longer have him in your home.

“Tell the worker you have no family or friends that can take him. Tell the worker he’s tried to hurt you. This is the only way to get social services to hear you.”

Social workers! Are they helping themselves more than their clients? Are they sitting in warm offices with nice salaries. Are they justifying their ‘work’ to like-minded-co-workers at staff meetings? Can their clients embrace any of the services they offer when they are sleeping rough?

Do you know how many years I have been seeking support for Troll – 14 years! From age 7 to 21. Has anything worked? Nothing. Nada. Period.

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