The paradox of ‘support services’

The irony is I have someone very close to me that works for social services. With that in mind you would expect more empathy or at the very least some level of understanding. But no, hard-headed she be. There’s no chink in her armor. And no help either. But she provides plenty of lip service.

“When workers see you with him they see him as not in the direst of situations because he has your support. They will choose the next client who has no one.”

She has one of those jobs that are part of the big self-supporting machine. I feel it could be of some value for those holding these jobs to take a step back and look at who they are supposedly helping. Are they helping themselves more than their clients? Are they sitting in warm offices with nice salaries. Are they justifying their ‘work’ to like-minded-co-workers at staff meetings? Can their clients embrace any of those services offered when they are sleeping rough? Can they hold out while waiting in long line-ups for care?

Do you know how many years I have been seeking support for Troll – 14 years! From age 7 to 21. Has anything worked? Nothing. Nada. Period.

Have any of my siblings or their children had to sleep rough? check themselves into a psyche ward? bare their innermost thoughts and fears to counselors? be completely misunderstood? be removed from the family home to live with strangers? have any had their sense of self-worth shot down til you feel absolutely nothing?

Troll has suffered all these calamities. My son is a survivor.

(note to self: I hate the saying “if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger”. When it doesn’t kill you it surely takes a piece of you, especially your heart)


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