Please don’t ever have a baby

Dear Troll,

Please don’t have a baby in the near future. Wait. Wait as long as you can.

Your good friends Jed & Micha’s fight with addiction is sadder than yours. The sadness springs from the story of their two young kids: Two-year-old Meela and her big brother 5-year-old  Trason.

I’ve heard that both Jed and Micha are in the midst of relapses. When this is going on who takes care of their babies? Do they take turns. Do they have someone who can easily step in to watch them. Do they hide from their social workers? Do they lie to their kids’ grandparents. Do they have their high inside the home? Are their kids watching as the needle goes into their arm. Do they have a kit of Narcon in their medicine cabinet? Are the kids trained in administering Narcon to their parents. Who now are the parents.

Is there enough money for food after the expense of the addiction is paid?

The power of addiction is so strong that having your own babies isn’t enough motivation to stay clean. God I hope those little ones are ok.

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