Saying no means you’ve just passed a milestone

Today I said no to Troll. He was requesting me to send him money. He started by saying he was in pain, the constipation-from-opioid-use pain, and needed to refill his med. Then it segued fairly quickly into a guilt trip because it was his birthday today. “Mor, please. Don’t turn me down on my birthday.”

I answered with “then let’s celebrate your birthday on a day when you feel better”.

And that’s how you can do it as well. Beginning right now you can start getting yourself ready to say no. List the past scenarios when you have caved. Let’s look at one of your scenarios. The addict knows one of your weaknesses from that event and will try it again.

But now you have a list and you recognize the ploys used in the past. Now you are ready. You can even have your answer list written while you keep it ready at your side. Or in your bag, on your phone’s notepad, or in your head if you are that smart at memorizing.

Fly with my ideas, let them help you cope

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