The junk jungle is not the Garden of Eden

One of my readers’ comments:

“Your blog is very supportive to other parents who are going through a similar situation. There are so many others as this is such a common problem. Keep doing your good work. I have been in both your son’s shoes and in yours, so I understand the pain. I hope he hits his bottom. Hugs, Victoria.”

Hi, Victoria. I’ve heard there is a surge of heroin use in North America at an epidemic scale. Therefore, I imagine, there are many more Moms and Dads and brothers and sisters going thru this harsh new reality.

I too hope he hits bottom – sooner rather than later. And without too many repercussions. I simply want him to live thru this.

He has entered into a high-risk world. I cling to the hope that he will survive this jungle and move on to enjoy the good things in life someday. Thanks for your supportive comment.

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