$$$ please roll in on the next wave

It’s recommended that I settle down. Not only by my counselors but friends too. Yes I have counselors and both are from NABS. To date, I have received the services of the coordinator – Lou B.; counselor #1 – Ann B.; counselor #2 – Mary P.; and career counselor – Mike R.; plus “the Board” which I haven’t a clue as to how many members there are! I presume they are all paid well for the service they provide. Perhaps I am to believe they volunteer their time (because they can).

The irony is that I haven’t received a single dollar. As a matter of note, if anyone has lost any momentum it would be me for having to get to all their appointments. Plus there is the fact that I am homeless and jobless.

My homelessness needs to be resolved before any counseling can be absorbed and implemented according to Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs.

This is an echo from a similar episode in my life. What happened back then was a combination of circumstances suddenly occurring concurrently. One, the office moved which created a much longer commute for me which then extended the hours of the nanny. I no longer could afford the nanny. Two, my job didn’t give any pay raises for 5 years along with very meager bonuses. Three, Bryon was now so sick that he was unable to care for the boys after school.

I was having huge challenges with Moss and the school counselor had suggested that I should reach out to Ministry of Children and Family for respite. Before the week was over we had a parade of new “counselors” inserted into our family dynamic creating an even larger demand on my time. I really only needed was some funding for a nanny. And respite – which also never came.

And that’s that. It’s how ‘the system’ works. It’s a self-serving, monolithic ‘ivory tower’ of social workers convincing themselves that they are doin’ good and making a difference in the lives of the disenfranchised. “Let them eat cake!”

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