About me, I’m Mom

This blog is about learning to understand my son’s addiction to heroin, an illegal substance. My experiences. How I cope. How it profoundly effects me, his sibling, the extended family, as well as my friends.

The pace in which events are happening is accelerating as his illness progresses. It’s scary. And it’s devastating.

If you want to join my journey as it unfolds start from my first post on Nov 20th, 2014, which is at the very bottom of the Home page. Here’s an excerpt from my first post:

“I’m on a rollercoaster and my son is in the front seat. He gets the full thrill of the experience while I try to peer around him to figure out what he is seeing…

There’s no one in control of the ride. How did we get on this scary ride? Why did I get on?

This is my life, not a bad dream. My son is a junkie. He has been using heroin for 10 months. He just turned 20 five months ago. I am learning how to cope.”

I am a single mom on a single income. The challenges of working full time have put an endless amount of stress on the family. My husband died in 2012 after a 10 year illness, PD, that slowly sucked his life from him. My sons have tried to cope in various ways. My older son says his path led him to H because it numbs his pain.

imageI’ve joined “Parents Forever” a support group for parents with addicted children. A place to learn and share and cry. My place for catharses. We all ‘know’ what each of us is going through.

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